About Us


My name is Kyra Lumpkin. I am the founder and Chandler-in-Chief of Penrose Apothecary.
Penrose Street is the birthplace of all of my favorite childhood memories. Although I have lived in almost every major city in America, this small street, tucked away in St. Louis, Missouri, will always be home.
As a black woman, I believe that loving on yourself and your home is a luxury and kindness that all people, especially black people, should always be afforded. Ever since I was a child on Penrose Street, I have always been passionate about making those around me feel at home whenever they bless my space with their presence. It is with this same passion that I introduce to you Penrose Apothecary.
The co-founder, Amaya Brown, and I share the belief that even the smallest act of servitude and generosity can affect people for years to come. Providing a luxury home and self-care experience through Penrose Apothecary is our act of servitude and kindness. Through Penrose Apothecary, our offerings are but a small drop in the giant bucket of luxury hospitality that we have planned for the future.
We hope that you find joy, peace, and a sense of home through Penrose.