"The Best of The Best"

"The BEST smelling candles from the sweetest woman" - Paloma, Milpitas, CA

"Oh This Is Differreeennnt"

"I collect high-end fragances, and Pheromone EASILY replaced my everyday go to." - Trahn, San Francisco, CA

"Oooo...the Vibes"

"Pheromone (candle) is the perfect addition to my nightcap. A vibe" - Signed Blake, Chicago, IL

"Your Favorite Candle Shop Could Neva"

"Penrose Apothecary is just on a different level. The scents are amazing. The packaging is next level. You can tell that this brand is the product of true love and dedication" - Charniece, Los Angeles, CA

"I didn't even want to open the box!"

"The packaging alone is a whole mood! Masculine, sexy, fresh, & eccentric. Best candles...hands down!" - Anthony, Chicago, IL

"I Love It, It's So GOOD"

"The packaging is so beautiful. This is the type of luxury you need in your life." - Kisukari, Oakland, CA

"A Staple In My Home"

"I got the scents Shea Butter Baby and Domingo and they smell AMAZING" - Ryechelle, San Francisco, CA

"Pheromone is SEXXXXYYY"

"The scent throw is amazing. The wooden cylinder wick gives me the crackling and hissing that I love. My room smelled amazing the next morning and the candle wasn't even lit." - Evelyn, Hercules, CA